10 Tips for Writing A Successful Business Expansion Press Release

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A press release is a written announcement that can be distributed to journalists, bloggers and social media users. The goal of a press release is to share news about your business or organization in a concise format that's easy to consume. A well-written business press releases can increase brand recognition, generate new leads and even help boost employee engagement. In this post you'll learn how to write an effective business expansion press release so it gets noticed by journalists who cover startups and small businesses alike!

The company's official name

  • The company's official name

  • The company's website

  • The company's logo and/or brand colors (if applicable)

  • Contact information

Company logo

The first thing you should do is to select a logo that is clear and easy to read. It should also be vectorized, which means it will not look pixelated when printed in large format. The maximum size of your logo should be no larger than 200kb; this includes any text around your image as well as all other elements of the design itself (such as shadows or gradients).

Your company name should always be included at the top right corner of your press release, with its own font size, font style and color scheme so that readers know exactly where they can find more information about what you offer them. Additionally, if possible choose black-and-white for clarity’s sake—this helps ensure that your business looks professional but doesn't overwhelm readers with too many colors on their computer screens or printouts from their printers!

You can use the following website links to help you with your press release:

  • Website - http://example.com

  • Blog - http://exampleblog.com/blog/

  • Contact form - http://examplecontactform.com

Contact information

The contact information section is where you should include the following:

  • Contact name. This is the person’s name and title, if applicable. If they don’t have one yet, you can use their business card or email address as a placeholder until they do.

  • Email address for this person (if available). You may also want to include their phone number in case there are any follow-up questions that need to be addressed immediately after sending out your press release for new business. It's also good practice for people who work in sales environments like yours—or even those who aren't—to have an up-to-date email address on file at all times so that customers can contact them directly if needed.* Business address where people can reach out for more information about your company's products/services; check with local authorities first before moving forward with an expansion plan!

Press release writing tips

When writing the press release, it's important to keep in mind that you're writing for a specific audience. You want to add value and make your reader feel as if they've just read an excerpt from their favorite book. That's where these tips come in handy:

  • Write in first person (I/we). This makes your content more personal and engaging for readers, who will be able to imagine themselves reading about how successful this company is today because of their hard work and dedication (or maybe even transformational qualities).

  • Use active verbs instead of passive ones whenever possible—this makes your writing sound more professional while also helping readers understand what action was taken by your organization during the time period described in each sentence(s). For example: "The company launched its new product line at an event held last month" rather than "The product line was launched."

  • Use numbers when possible; this helps give credibility to what was written since statistics show that numbers do matter when it comes time for making decisions/judgments about certain topics such as marketing campaigns or other initiatives related directly back towards sales growth rates over time periods ranging anywhere between six months up until five years down road off course due largely due because there aren't enough people willing out there willing accept change quickly enough without having much experience doing so before hand."

What is the newsworthy item?

The newsworthy item is the reason why your company is expanding. What makes it newsworthy?

  • Mission: What is your company's mission and why does it need more people?

  • Vision: How are you going to grow in the future?

  • History: How did this idea come about, what was the inspiration behind it and how did it turn into a successful business venture.

  • Culture: What makes up your culture (what values do you uphold)

Hire a professional to write your press release

If you're new to writing and submitting how to publish press release, it's probably tempting to try and do it yourself. But in order to be effective as a business owner—and avoid getting your company name dragged through the mud—you need to hire someone who knows what they're doing.

Hiring a professional is not only an investment in your own productivity, but also in the reputation of your organization and the success of its growth strategy. The right person will help you write clear, concise content that accurately represents your company's goals and values while providing readers with useful information about how they can get involved with yours.

If hiring a freelance writer sounds like too much trouble, here are some tips:

Localize your press release as much as possible.

Localize your press release as much as possible. This can be a tricky one, because you want to make sure that people in your area who read the news about your business will understand what you're saying. You don't want to use language or terminology that's unfamiliar to them (and thus confusing), but also don't just translate everything into another language—you need a local flavor for this article!

You should also consider using local media outlets such as newspapers, magazines and online publications if they exist in the area where your news is happening. If not yet established, consider contacting these outlets now so they know about all the great things happening at their competitor's company before anyone else does!

Don't be afraid to use jargon and technical terms.

When it comes to writing a press release, you should be able to use jargon and technical terms. However, you need to make sure that the public understands what they mean. If the general public doesn't understand your jargon or technical terms, then they won't be able to grasp your message properly and will turn away from them.

When writing about an industry that is new or unfamiliar, it is best not to use jargon at all unless absolutely necessary (for example: "We've been using social media for years"). It's better for readers who don't know much about this field yet than having them struggle with unfamiliar words which may confuse them even more than before reading any further into the article itself!

Also keep in mind that certain industries may have specific types of language used within their own circles; therefore if yours isn’t one of those then don't worry too much about trying too hard here either - just make sure whatever phrasing is being used makes sense within its context."

Use numbers, statistics, and surveys.

Numbers, statistics and surveys are tools you can use to support your argument. They give the reader an immediate sense of the size and scope of your business expansion. For example:

"Our sales have increased by 30% in the past year."

or: "Our customer retention rate is 80%, which means that we've retained 80% of our customers from last year."

Grab a headline in the first 10 words.

The headline is the first impression you make on your reader and it's also the most important part of any press release. If you can't get your audience's attention immediately, then you're probably not going to be able to keep them interested in reading more.

Here are some tips for writing effective headlines:

  • Use a question or statement that grabs their attention. For example, "Is business expansion worth the effort?" or "How do we grow our business?" This will make people want to read more because they want answers!

  • Quote someone who has an expertise on one of the topics discussed in this article (e.g., "Learn how we've grown our revenue by 775% since last year!"). It's harder than ever before for companies like yours—which might already have thousands upon thousands of customers—to compete against giants such as Amazon or Google operating at scale in their respective industries or vertical markets; therefore having quotes from experts who can help explain why there isn't room enough room left over after adding new products/services into existing ones would be helpful indeed!

Add a quote from a company representative that's relevant to the news.

A quote from a company representative is a great way to show your readers that you've done your homework and are well-informed about the news. It's also an effective way of demonstrating that you have the ability to speak on behalf of your organization.

If possible, try to find someone who can speak with authority in this area, as they'll likely be able to give more specific details about what's going on than an everyday spokesperson would be able to. If this isn't possible for whatever reason (for example if there are no relevant employees at all), then consider asking one of them if he or she would mind speaking for you!

Add an image or video.

Adding an image or video to your where to submit press releases is an excellent way to tell your story. Visuals help readers get a better understanding of what you're talking about, and they also can be used to illustrate the news. If you have a video, show it off! Videos are a great way for readers to learn more about your company without reading any words at all—and if you've got any good content from social media accounts or other sources that might make sense as part of the story (like some photos), add those in too!

Images can also help explain things by providing context around certain topics within the article itself; this could be helpful if there's something specific mentioned but not explained completely in text alone (like "our mission statement").

A compelling press release can generate lots of buzz for your startup.

A press release is a short, newsworthy item that announces new products or services. It can be used to announce the launch of your company's new website, or it could be used to announce an upcoming event like the "Best of Boston" awards ceremony.

A press release is a written announcement about something important for your company. It should include information about what it is, who wrote it and when you published it (if possible). It will also list contact information so people can find more information about your business from other sources if they want more details on why they should care about this particular story!


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