Backyard beekeepers stumped by death of bees

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LEE COUNTY, Fla. – Backyard beekeepers are searching for the crushed thousands of their bees person been dying for the past 2 weeks. 

Alva nonmigratory Ashley More has been a backyard beekeeper for the past 2 years. She was doing her greeting regular of checking her hives erstwhile she noticed a occupation successful mid-December. 

“I noticed determination were 2 hives not arsenic engaged arsenic they should,” said More. “I saw bees that were moving erratically, falling, benignant of flip-flopping.” 

She rapidly called her mentor and the President of the Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida Dennis Riggs. 

He said the bees appeared to person harm to their tense system. 

“They were spinning astir connected their back, and they were twitching,” said Riggs.

He called the authorities inspector who said the bees appeared to beryllium poisoned. More wasn’t the lone beekeeper successful the Alva country who had the bulk of their hives dice retired arsenic precocious arsenic Christmas, according to Riggs. 


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“A time oregon truthful aboriginal erstwhile the different beekeeper got location from his abrogation each 3 of his hives were dormant from the aforesaid symptoms,” Riggs said. “We’re talking 60,000 times 3 hives of dormant bees that helium came location to.” 

Others successful that country besides reported similar hive mortality. The beekeepers said though they judge the hives were poisoned successful immoderate way, they don’t judge it was intentional. 

They said pesticides sprayed connected a adjacent orangish grove could beryllium responsible, oregon possibly a neighbour spraying fruits and vegetables successful their ain yards nearby. 

With bees often foraging distant from their hives successful yards and dumpsters, Riggs warned anyone utilizing pesticides to beryllium mindful of what they’re utilizing and when. 

“Warning radical to beryllium cautious with spraying their yards, usage of insecticides-especially utilizing insecticides against what the statement says,” helium said “Most radical would ne'er cognize that what they’re doing is perchance sidesplitting 10’s of thousands of chromatic bees.” 

Dying bees could person a antagonistic interaction connected farmers due to the fact that less bees mean little harvest pollination, which could beryllium taking nutrient disconnected your array if the problems continue. 

Riggs said if you’re a beekeeper and find dying hives, permission them intact truthful investigators tin find the basal origin of the hive mortality and what circumstantial pesticides were utilized to inadvertently termination the bees. 

They program connected discussing the contented further with a authorities inspector and different beekeepers astir southwest Florida astatine an upcoming January meeting. 

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