Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro hospitalized with intestinal obstruction

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Rio de Janeiro (CNN)Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was admitted to a infirmary aboriginal Monday greeting with a blockage successful his intestine.

Bolsonaro is suffering an "intestinal subocclusion," a connection from the Vila Nova Star Hospital successful São Paulo said. It's the latest aesculapian contented linked to a 2018 incidental successful which Bolsonaro was stabbed connected the run trail.

By Monday evening, the president was showing "clinical improvement," according to the hospital, who said successful a connection that helium had been capable to instrumentality a "short walk" astir the hallway.

    There is nary definitive valuation arsenic to whether the president volition request surgery, it said.

      Bolsonaro started feeling sick aft luncheon connected Sunday and was admitted to infirmary astatine 3 a.m. section clip (1 a.m. ET), helium wrote successful a tweet.

        The president said helium had been fixed a gastric probe and much tests volition beryllium carried retired to find whether helium needs surgery.

        Bolsonaro was antecedently admitted to the infirmary successful July 2021 erstwhile doc Antonio Luiz Macedo recovered an intestinal obstruction.

          Macedo besides operated connected Bolsonaro aft helium was stabbed during a run rally successful September 2018. Bolsonaro underwent country In January 2019 to region a colostomy container fitted aft the stabbing.

          "It's the 2nd hospitalization with the aforesaid symptoms, the effect of the stabbing (September 6, 2018) and 4 large surgeries," wrote Bolsonaro successful a 2nd tweet, adding that Macedo had been traveling but would get astatine the infirmary astatine 3 p.m. section clip (1 p.m. ET).

          Bolsonaro says helium  volition  either beryllium  arrested, killed oregon  triumph   Brazil's adjacent  election

          Macedo told CNN affiliate CNN Brasil connected Monday that helium does not deliberation that Bolsonaro volition request surgery, based disconnected of archetypal diagnostic reports that were sent to him.

          "I americium inactive going to analyse him. My hypothesis, based connected what I cognize astir the president, is that determination volition beryllium nary surgery. But I request to bash an abdominal valuation successful bid to person a factual conclusion," Macedo said, adding that helium would get backmost to Brazil connected Tuesday.

          Bolsonaro is preparing to tally for reelection successful October, but sentiment polls amusement his main rival, erstwhile president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, with a commanding lead.

          The populist Bolsonaro has been heavy criticized for his handling of the pandemic, which has near Brazil arsenic 1 of the world's worst-hit countries. The President has dismissed Covid-19 arsenic a "little flu" and has refused to get vaccinated.

          The federation has suffered from a dilatory vaccine rollout and staunch absorption to containment measures by Bolsonaro's government.

            However successful August 2021 the president refused to countenance decision astatine the ballot box.

            "I person 3 alternatives for my future: being arrested, killed oregon victory," said Bolsonaro, who has repeatedly raised doubts astir his country's electoral system.

            CNN's Taylor Barnes contributed reporting.

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