Celo is bringing crypto to smartphone users: here’s where you can buy Celo now

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Celo has been gaining worth aft a palmy bid of events, including an eToro listing. The unrecorded Celo terms contiguous is $4.74 with a 24-hour trading measurement of $41 million. Celo is up 2.46% successful the past 24 hours. Here’s everything you request to cognize astir Celo: what is it, is it worthy buying, and the apical places to bargain Celo earlier the extremity of 2021.   

Top places to bargain Celo now


Binance has grown exponentially since it was founded successful 2017 and is present 1 of, if not the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges connected the market.

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What is Celo?

Celo is simply a blockchain ecosystem focused connected expanding cryptocurrency adoption among smartphone users. By utilizing telephone numbers arsenic nationalist keys, Celo hopes to present the world’s billions of smartphone owners, including those without banking access, to transacting successful cryptocurrency. The web besides allows for the instauration of astute contracts and decentralized applications arsenic portion of decentralized concern (DeFi). Its mainnet was launched successful April 2020. Celo was primitively founded by a squad comprised of radical from MIT, Stanford, Google, Visa, World Bank, Harvard University, and different salient establishments.

The dedicated Celo Foundation is simply a non-profit which launched on with the mainnet, portion the Celo Alliance for Prosperity is what the institution describes arsenic an “ecosystem of mission-aligned organizations.”

Should I bargain Celo today?

Take each terms predictions arsenic the proposition of a marketplace expert/analyst. It’s intolerable to marque a wholly close prediction. Take each concern proposal with a atom of salt.    

Celo terms prediction

Price Prediction forecasts the terms of Celo volition beryllium astatine slightest $6.38 successful 2022. It tin spell up to a maximum of $8 with the mean terms of $6.62 passim 2022. In 2023, the terms of Celo volition scope a minimum of $9.48. The terms of 1 Celo is expected to deed an all-time precocious of $14 successful 2024.

Celo connected societal media

$CELO present is evidently resisted astatine the 0.618 Fib, short-term by the anterior apical operation resistance, agelong measurement is not enough, the existent upward inclination is weak, if neglect to interruption done the resistance, beardown probability of declining, enactment $ 4.75, unit $ 5.46.#CELO #BTC pic.twitter.com/96hKHAdnHH

— Crypto Line 📈 (@CryptoLinns) December 27, 2021

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