Game Informer's Best Reviewed Indies Of 2021

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From death-dealing crows to rockstars successful space, determination was an astounding array of autarkic titles to bask this year. Some tackled hard topics similar intelligence health. Some fto america flight into a carefree world. They released connected each platform, starred successful gaming presentations large and small, and adjacent fto america spell hands-on earlier launch.

But it's not conscionable the astonishing assortment that makes these titles interesting. It seems similar this year, much indies than ever walked distant with apical marks successful Game Informer's reviews. Did your favorites get the apical scores? Are determination immoderate astonishing experiences you missed retired on? Check retired our database of 2021's highest-scored indies beneath to find out.



A touching communicative escapade astir beingness and, much centrally, decease that the subordinate tin power with the blink of an oculus and a webcam. | Our Review

This crippled takes the operation 'sleep connected it' deadly earnestly arsenic you conflict your nightmares to amended your waking life. | Our Review

Recalling classical RPGs similar Homebound, Eastward travel 2 characters, John and Sam, connected a travel to flight a stifling beingness underground. | Our Review

The satellite is falling to a unspeakable blight, and a young priestess and her loyal knight are the lone ones who tin halt it in this Metroidvania-style title. | Our Review

In F.I.S.T., you explore and combat done a detailed, sidescrolling satellite arsenic a rabbit with a heroic past and 1 large mechanical arm. | Our Review

Escape from the depths of hell, and your begetter who runs it, successful this roguelike rubric from the makers down Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion. | Our Review

Knockout City

With fewer of 2021's triple-A sports games hitting the mark, this fast-paced dodgeball rubric whitethorn good beryllium 1 of the genre's champion titles this year. | Our Review

Even though you don't power the character, there's a batch to bash and research that volition marque you privation to spell for 1 much loop. | Our Review

Don't fto the pixelated creation benignant lull you into a mendacious consciousness of security; this communicative of a warrior successful a unusual onshore has immoderate wicked combat. | Our Review

The card-building meets city-building mechanics successful Ratropolis are lone topped by the adorable plan of the game's rodent denizens. | Our Review

Race crossed the postulation defining your individuality and wailing connected your guitar successful a abstraction escapade colored by stunning visuals and rocking sound. | Our Review

Twin orphans Jenn and Tristan observe their adoptive begetter has been kidnapped and acceptable disconnected to prevention him, taking down anyone successful their path. | Our Review



Though its coloring publication aesthetic and painterly objectives whitethorn look simplistic astatine first, Chicory really takes a heavy look astatine intelligence health. | Our Review

Whether successful conflicts of weapons oregon words, you'll privation to play your cards close successful the deck-building Griftlands. | Our Review

Take successful the quality of the godforsaken arsenic you roam the sands looking to observe your ain individuality and assistance those astir you. | Our Review

Skate done the postulation destroying enemies and searching for a mode to support your location from being swallowed by the Ultravoid. | Our Review

No 2 stories are ever the aforesaid successful Wildermyth, truthful consciousness escaped to rotation up aggregate characters and get going connected your adventure. | Our Review



It's your occupation arsenic a crow to reap souls, but your latest acquisition has been snatched, and you indispensable retrieve it to reconstruct bid to the world. | Our Review

This eventual variation of developer ZA/UM's award-winning RPG includes afloat dependable acting and much communicative content. | Our Review

Another of the indie sports titles that are up determination with the champion of them this year, Dodgeball Academia is filled with personality. | Our Review

If you're looking to play thing that goes to unexpected places, this enigmatic paper crippled should sprout consecutive to the apical of your must-play list. | Our Review

Winner of The Game Award's champion indie prize, Kena puts you successful the relation of a tone usher helping souls modulation to the afterlife. | Our Review

Diving into this chilly sequel rubric feels conscionable arsenic bully arsenic the first, arsenic it builds nicely on the archetypal game's formula. | Our Review

What would you bash if you recovered yourself successful an past civilization wherever 1 incorrect determination means definite decease for everyone astir you? | Our Review

The timepiece is ticking, and clip is running out arsenic you effort to prevention everyone from turning into mindless sidesplitting machines. | Our Review



It Takes Two

It Takes Two took location this year's Game of the Year grant astatine TGAs, and it besides got our champion indie reappraisal people of 2021. | Our Review

To cheque retired Game Informer's apical 10 games of the year, head here. Or if you conscionable can't get capable of lists, click connected the goose below.

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