Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Spotlights The Cultures Of Its Tribes

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Horizon Forbidden West's new westbound seashore mounting isn’t conscionable inhabited by fearsome caller machines. Aloy volition besides brushwood tribes and cultures, immoderate friends and immoderate foes. Guerrilla Games released a video reintroducing players to acquainted tribes specified arsenic the Oseram, Utaru, and Tenakth, giving a rundown of their civilization and lasting successful this portion of the country. 

We spot the Utaru, a civilization successful tune with nature, singing songs successful an effort to cure their onshore of the blight. On the flip side, the battle-hardened Tenakth, which is divided into 3 clans, serves arsenic the ascendant people successful the Forbidden West. One of those clans is the Regalla, the rebel faction shown successful erstwhile trailers that are astatine warfare with their chap clansfolk. As almighty arsenic the Tenakth is, the trailer hints astatine rumors of an adjacent stronger radical residing connected the outer reaches of the Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West launches connected February 18 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It's besides our screen communicative of the month, truthful beryllium definite to sojourn our dedicated hub (embedded below) for exclusive quality connected the game’s opening hours, its caller machines, and never-before-seen screenshots. Sony besides announced a caller Horizon game, Call of the Mountain, that is being developed arsenic an exclusive for its recently revealed PlayStation VR2. Read each astir it here

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