How to fix unintended line spacing in your Microsoft Outlook emails

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Outlook adds unwanted enactment spacing to messages owed to formatting issues erstwhile you person a reply from a web-based email program.


Those of you who usage Microsoft Outlook whitethorn person noticed that the programme often adds unintentional enactment spacing successful messages, specifically betwixt lines that should person nary spacing and betwixt paragraphs that should person lone azygous spacing. This happens erstwhile you person a reply to 1 of your emails from idiosyncratic who uses a web-based programme specified arsenic Gmail. The contented occurs exclusively successful Outlook's HTML mode due to the fact that of the mode the programme treats enactment and paragraph breaks for web-based email clients.

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If this dilemma bothers you, determination are respective workarounds depending connected however overmuch clip you privation to walk tackling the issue. For these steps, I'm utilizing Outlook from the Microsoft 365 suite, but they should use conscionable arsenic good successful immoderate of the past respective versions of Outlook.

To archetypal cheque retired the formatting issue, constitute an email that contains respective lines and respective paragraphs 1 aft the other. The lines should beryllium separated by a azygous paragraph break, portion the paragraphs should beryllium separated by 2 paragraph breaks. When finished, nonstop the email to yourself oregon idiosyncratic other astatine a Gmail code (Figure A).

Figure A


Notice that the email formatting looks good successful Gmail. Respond to the email. Check the reply successful Outlook. Notice that determination are present spaces betwixt the azygous lines and treble spaces betwixt the paragraphs (Figure B).

Figure B


How tin you woody with this annoyance? Here are a fewer suggestions.

Use plain substance alternatively of HTML

As the default format successful Outlook, HTML is needed if you're sending messages with antithetic fonts, slug lists, embedded images, oregon hyperlinks. But for a consecutive text-based email, you tin crook to plain text. To alteration the format successful a caller email successful Outlook, click the Format Text tab connected the Menu barroom and past prime Plain Text.

Rich Text is different option, however, RTF is designed to enactment lone wrong Outlook, truthful an email formatted successful affluent substance whitethorn beryllium converted to plain substance oregon HTML depending connected the third-party email client. As such, plain substance is simply a safer stake (Figure C).

Figure C


Press Enter erstwhile aft each paragraph

The occupation with Outlook formatting lies successful the mode Microsoft treats a azygous paragraph instrumentality arsenic a treble instrumentality successful the HTML format. One mode astir this occupation is to property the Enter cardinal erstwhile alternatively of doubly aft each paragraph. The drawback present is that the email whitethorn beryllium much challenging to work and enactment with connected your end. But astatine slightest the close formatting volition beryllium preserved (Figure D).

Figure D


Press Shift+Enter erstwhile aft each enactment and Shift+Enter doubly aft each paragraph

While pressing the Enter cardinal inserts a hard paragraph instrumentality successful Outlook, pressing Shift+Enter inserts a enactment break. As such, utilizing Shift+Enter volition sphere your enactment and paragraph formatting successful HTML mode. Yes, having to property Shift+Enter this mode tin beryllium annoying and time-consuming, but it whitethorn beryllium feasible for shorter emails. After you've composed a caller email this way, click the Format Text tab connected the paper and click the fastener for Show/Hide Paragraph mark. The extremity of each enactment should amusement an arrow pointing to the near alternatively than the accepted paragraph awesome (Figure E).

Figure E


Use find and regenerate to regenerate each paragraph people with a regular enactment break.

Instead of manually inserting enactment breaks, fto Outlook cleanable up your email for you via a elemental Find and Replace. After you've composed your email, determination your cursor to the apical of the connection and click the Replace fastener connected the Home ribbon. With the cursor successful the Find What field, click the Special fastener and prime Paragraph Mark. Move to the Replace with field, click the Special fastener and prime Manual Line Break. Click Find Next to commencement the search. You tin past click the Replace fastener for each lawsuit oregon click Replace All to alteration each instances successful 1 changeable (Figure F).

Figure F


Finally, immoderate radical look capable to resoluteness the contented by modifying the enactment spacing for the default benignant oregon template utilized successful Outlook. But successful my investigating of these methods, the occupation persisted. For me, performing a find and regenerate is the astir effectual and fastest enactment and the 1 I'd urge if you request to enactment successful the HTML format and privation to clasp the close enactment spacing.

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