Julian Edelman reveals 'beef' with Tom Brady

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BOSTON (CBS) — Is determination occupation successful paradise for Foxboro’s erstwhile favourite duo?

Probably not. But for possibly the archetypal clip successful history, Julian Edelman has displayed a deficiency of spot successful Tom Brady.

Edelman was asked connected this week’s “Inside The NFL” connected Paramount+ if the Buccaneers volition repetition arsenic Super Bowl champions. Edelman astatine archetypal evaded the question, stating that the Bucs “definitely person a changeable to repeat.” When pressed by big Amanda Guerra to reply the existent question, Edelman had to marque the achy prime to stake against his bubs.

“Nah, I don’t deliberation they’re gonna repetition this year,” Edelman said. “I mean, I deliberation the squad is getting depleted close now.”

Edelman pointed retired that the nonaccomplishment of Chris Godwin for the twelvemonth was a immense one. That prompted co-host Brandon Marshall to inquire erstwhile again if Edelman has received immoderate telephone calls from Brady astir joining the Bucs. It was past that Edelman suggested that things aren’t each rosy betwixt him and Brady astatine the moment.

“Nah, Tom hasn’t called me. And successful fact, you cognize … we person a small beef close now,” Edelman said.

The remainder of the sheet evidently wanted the details, but Edelman wouldn’t indulge, speech from coyly saying thing astir being incapable to “kiss and tell.”

“We’ll permission it betwixt us. But we person a beef close now,” Edelman said. “I can’t [share what it’s about.] I can’t buss and tell! I can’t buss and tell, similar idiosyncratic said.”

Edelman stared straight into the camera portion trying to clasp a consecutive look portion delivering that line, seemingly saying each that needs to beryllium said to Brady.

Edelman has of people not been shy astir overmuch of thing successful his archetypal twelvemonth arsenic an NFL analyst. And considering his agelong and palmy narration with Brady, the backmost has evidently travel up erstwhile oregon doubly oregon 600 times successful his commentary. Perhaps Edelman shared a little too much for Tom’s liking astatine immoderate point.

Whatever it mightiness person been, it feels harmless to presume the 2 tin enactment retired their differences. And if Brady does become the archetypal repetition Super Bowl champ since helium and the Patriots did it successful 2003 and 2004? Brady conscionable mightiness beryllium clipping this latest video and sending it to Julian from the winning locker room.

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