Lack of ice impacting ice fishing

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This acold upwind is bully for immoderate things, similar making crystal for fishing. But arsenic WCCO recovered out, this twelvemonth – it’s complicated.

While the temps are debased capable for ice-making, the conditions aren’t arsenic bully arsenic they mightiness seem.

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Jeff Heinrichs owns Ice Fishing Warriors, an icefishing compartment rental work connected Lake Minnetonka.

“It is precise deceiving, a batch of radical volition travel retired and deliberation they tin conscionable thrust wherever they privation and they should beryllium checking the crystal wherever they go,” helium said.

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He blames the deficiency of crystal connected the abundance of snow.

“It’s insulating and truthful that acold aerial is trying to get done that snow,” helium said.

Heinrichs measured 1 snow-covered portion of crystal connected Lake Minnetonka astatine 10 inches. Just feet away, successful the country wherever the snowfall was plowed, the crystal was 16 inches.

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Heinrichs says contempt the heavy cold, it’s important to cheque immoderate crystal earlier you task out.

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