Nicolas Cage doesn't want to be called an 'actor'

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(CNN)Nicolas Cage knows it whitethorn dependable "pretentious," but helium would similar you notation to him arsenic a "thespian."

The Oscar victor known for performances successful specified films arsenic "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Face/Off" shared during a speech on Variety's Awards Circuit podcast that he's not a instrumentality of being called an "actor."

"For maine it ever implies, 'Oh, he's a large actor, truthful he's a large liar,'" Cage said.

    "Thespian" works amended for him, helium said, "because thespian means you're going into your heart, oregon you're going into your imagination, oregon your memories oregon your dreams, and you're bringing thing backmost to pass with the audience."

      He presently stars successful the movie "Pig" and refers to the film's manager Michael Sarnoski arsenic "Archangel Michael."

      "I knew aft a mates of flops that I had been marginalized successful the workplace system; and I wasn't going to get invited by them," Cage said. "I ever knew that it would instrumentality a young filmmaker who would travel backmost oregon retrieve immoderate movies I had made and cognize that I mightiness beryllium close for his publication and rediscover me. And that's wherefore he's not conscionable Michael, he's Archangel Michael."

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