Read The Touching Final Letter That Barack Obama Wrote To Harry Reid

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Instead of a connection aft Harry Reid’s passing, erstwhile president Barack Obama shared the last missive that helium wrote to Reid.

President Obama provided the missive to PolitcusUSA:


I got the quality that the wellness concern has taken a unsmooth crook and that it’s hard to speech connected the phone. Which, let’s look it, is not that large of a alteration origin you ne'er liked to speech connected the telephone anyway!

Here’s what I privation you to know. You were a large person successful the Senate, and aboriginal connected you were much generous to maine than I had immoderate close to expect. I wouldn’t person been president had it not been for your encouragement and support, and I wouldn’t person got astir of what I got done without your accomplishment and determination.

Most of all, you’ve been a bully friend. As antithetic arsenic we are, I deliberation we some saw thing of ourselves successful each different – a mates of outsiders who had defied the likelihood and knew however to instrumentality a punch and cared astir the small guy. And you cognize what, we made for a beauteous bully team.

Enjoy your family, and cognize you are loved by a batch of people, including me. The satellite is amended origin of what you’ve done. Not atrocious for a skinny, mediocre kid from Searchlight.

– Barack

Obama And The Nation Owe Harry Reid A Debt That Can’t Be Repaid

President Obama was correct. He apt would not person gone down successful past arsenic specified a palmy president without the accomplishment of Harry Reid. As Senate Majority Leader, Reid got Obamacare done the Senate. The Obama stimulus and the redeeming of the US car manufacture each would not person happened without Harry Reid.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were a formidable squad that got overmuch done for a federation that needed it during the Great Recession.

If President Biden is remembered arsenic a palmy president, it volition beryllium partially due to the fact that of his concern with Majority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi.

President Obama’s missive was touching due to the fact that helium said goodbye to his person and reminded him that helium did make this satellite a amended spot done his efforts.

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