Studio Creates Petition To Remake Original Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Reportedly Received Ed Boon’s Blessing Back In 2016

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Remakes and remasters proceed to go much communal with each passing twelvemonth and arsenic Mortal Kombat has reached 11 mainline entries, immoderate fans are looking backmost astatine the series’ history, particularly arsenic its 30th day nears. 

If it was up to Eyeballistic, a crippled improvement workplace with aggregate titles successful the works, that 30th day would see a remake of the archetypal Mortal Kombat trilogy. In fact, the workplace has created a “Mortal Kombat Trilogy Remake Petition” connected to get this theoretical shot rolling, arsenic archetypal reported by Nintendo Life

“Mortal Kombat’s 30th day is adjacent twelvemonth and we’d similar to grant this astonishing franchise by remaking the archetypal Mortal Kombat Trilogy (MKT) connected PC and consoles,” the petition reads. “MKT is simply a classical crippled combining each of the characters from MK1, MK2, MK3, and UMK3. It besides includes astir each of the stages from those games.” 

Any workplace could make a petition asking to remake a beloved crippled similar this, but what makes this circumstantial 1 absorbing is that Eyeballistic says it received bid creator Ed Boon’s enactment for specified a remake backmost successful 2016. However, Warner Bros., which owns the Mortal Kombat IP, didn’t bite. 

“Eyeballistic are a squad of Mortal Kombat fans who approached bid creator Ed Boon backmost successful 2016 to remake the crippled successful HD,” the petition reads. “Although Ed afloat supported us, Warner Bros., who owns the Mortal Kombat IP, was unconvinced that the crippled would merchantability implicit 100,000 units worldwide and frankincense they determined it wouldn’t beryllium worthy the important outgo of selling the merchandise for sale.” 

The workplace says it’s grown a batch since 2016, having signed aggregate contracts to nutrient games for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch. It has besides improved its enactment connected online rollback tech, which is precise important to the warring crippled community, by mode of proprietary technology. 

Touching connected what to expect from this theoretical trilogy, Eyeballistic says it would usage Epic Online Services to enactment crossplay betwixt each platforms and that the squad is assured its remake would beryllium “welcomed by the [fighting crippled community] scene including ComboBreaker and Evo.” 

“Were readying to painstakingly recreate each item of each signifier and quality successful glorious 3D,” the petition reads. “Of course, each fatality, brutality, friendship, and animality volition beryllium determination too. The characters and stages volition get a facelift to 4K solution and 60 frames per 2nd gameplay enactment done the powerfulness of Unreal Engine 5. We’ll adjacent remake each of the euphony by giving it a modern cinematic dependable that incorporates existent instruments.” 

Eyeballistic says it would people PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC with a $39.99 terms tag. The remake would see “everything the archetypal MK trilogy had positive the modular online matchmaking and worldwide leaderboards.” The petition is targeting 25,000 integer signatures – it’s astatine 17,156 astatine the clip of this penning – but the workplace would ideally similar to deed 100,000 earlier formally approaching Warner Bros. with the pitch. 

While waiting to spot if thing comes of this petition, work our thoughts connected the latest crippled successful the franchise successful Game Informer’s Mortal Kombat 11 review, and past cheque retired this communicative astir however it surpassed 12 cardinal copies sold worldwide. Read astir however NetherRealm is done with Mortal Kombat 11 and moving connected a caller game aft that. 

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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