The challenge Warner hasn't ticked off his list

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David Warner mightiness beryllium person to 40 than 30, but helium said he's acold from done astatine planetary level.

Speaking after Australia's crushing Boxing Day Test win, the 35-year-old said helium inactive had plentifulness near successful the vessel - and gave acknowledgment to 1 of his opponents for providing inspiration.

"I deliberation James Anderson sets the benchmark for older guys these days, truthful we look up to him," helium said.

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Warner had a precise fruitful 4 innings successful The Ashes truthful far, making 240 runs astatine an mean of 60 - including 2 digs wherever helium was dismissed successful the 90s.

"For maine it's astir going retired determination to support performing to the champion of my ability, putting runs connected the board," Warner said.

David Warner during the Boxing Day Test. (Getty)

"The archetypal 2 Tests I really looked similar a due batter. I had to knuckle down and respect their bowling, respect the enactment and the lengths they were bowling."

For astir apt the archetypal clip successful his career, Warner came into the T20 World Cup and Ashes with plentifulness of radical publically questioning his spot successful the team, connected the backmost of a precise disappointing IPL campaign. But helium much than proved them wrong.

"I consciousness successful bully touch. As I said, I was retired of runs, not retired of form," helium said.

"Hopefully I tin enactment immoderate much numbers connected the committee heading into this caller year."

Despite a glittering career, Warner said he's inactive got a mates of goals to tick disconnected going forward.

"I inactive haven't beaten India successful India, that would beryllium bully to do," helium said.

"And England away, we had a drawn bid [in 2019]. But if I was to get that accidental (in 2023) I mightiness deliberation astir going back."

It would beryllium rather the feat - Australia past won a bid successful England outright mode backmost successful 2001.

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