The Senate Must Honor The Late Harry Reid By Abolishing The Filibuster

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Before helium passed away, erstwhile Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asked the Senate to abolish the filibuster. Democrats indispensable fulfill his request.

Harry Reid Called On The Senate To Abolish The Filibuster

Reid wrote successful The New York Times successful 2019:

Something indispensable change. That is wherefore I americium present calling connected the Senate to abolish the filibuster successful each its forms. And I americium calling connected candidates seeking the Democratic information for president to bash the same.


As I said successful 2013, the Senate is simply a surviving thing, and to survive, it indispensable alteration — conscionable arsenic it has passim the past of our country. The American radical elite leaders to code the issues facing our country, not to cower down arcane parliamentary procedure.

This epoch of obstruction and inaction indispensable travel to an end, and I impulse our nation’s leaders to articulation maine successful calling for the abolition of the filibuster. It’s clip for the Senate to commencement moving again.

Senate Democrats Must Listen To Harry Reid And Change The Filibuster

Current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Reid his mentor, and Schumer has been pursuing Reid’s playbook successful his efforts to alteration the filibuster.

The filibuster alteration that Reid accomplished successful 2013 was a agelong dilatory process that took much than a twelvemonth of effort. Reid himself said that helium should person changed much of the filibuster, but successful 2013, helium thought that the Republicans would yet instrumentality to normal. Instead, they became much radicalized and obsessed with obstruction and gridlock.

Democrats successful the Senate person an accidental to grant Harry Reid successful a lasting way. Senate Democrats tin abolish the filibuster truthful that each clip a idiosyncratic tin spell to the polls and vote, it volition beryllium a tiny tribute to the bequest of Sen. Reid.

When the satellite cools, oregon enactment tin yet beryllium taken against weapon unit successful the Senate, it volition beryllium due to the fact that Democratic Senators gave Harry Reid a lasting bequest successful the Senate.

Democrats could adjacent sanction the filibuster regularisation aft Reid.

Harry Reid called for the filibuster to beryllium abolished, and Senate Democrats should bash precisely that successful his name.

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