Valorant Game Director 'Giving Up The Mantle' To Work On New Project At Riot

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Riot Games’ Joe Ziegler is saying goodbye to his relation arsenic Valorant’s crippled manager to enactment connected thing caller astatine the studio.

This quality comes by mode of a caller station made by Ziegler connected the authoritative Riot website, successful which helium discusses his past 8 years there. He reveals that Valorant, which was officially released past year, is thing he’s been moving connected for 8 years arsenic the crippled manager and that now, it’s clip for him to determination on. 

“It is with a bosom afloat of gratitude and heavy excitement that I travel to you contiguous with news,” Ziegler writes. “After 8 years moving connected Valorant, gathering it from the crushed up with a squad of dedicated and passionate developers who’ve worked tirelessly to service you each with the respect and admiration that you deserve, I americium giving up the mantle of crippled manager of the Valorant tac-shooter to my bully friend, Andy Ho [senior manager of crippled absorption astatine Riot].” 

Ziegler said Ho is idiosyncratic who has enactment galore years of enactment into Valorant arsenic good and that his dedication to the tac-shooter sets precocious standards of inspiration for developers connected the game. Ziegler besides said he’s assured that Ho’s clip arsenic the caller manager volition spot Valorant turn and germinate year-over-year “to go adjacent amended than what I could ideate it to be.” 

As for Ziegler, he’ll beryllium staying astatine Riot but he’ll beryllium “starting thing caller (*wink, secrets…) successful the hopes that we tin adjacent scratch the aboveground of the astonishing interaction Valorant has already had truthful far.” This could mean immoderate fig of things – possibly he’s moving connected a crippled for Riot successful a genre that’s fashionable that the workplace hasn’t yet touched, overmuch similar Valorant was a occurrence successful the tac-shooter genre dominated by the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Perhaps it means he’s moving connected a caller crippled acceptable successful the aforesaid beingness arsenic Valorant. Only clip volition archer for now. 

For much astir Valorant, cheque retired our thoughts connected it successful Game Informer’s Valorant review and past work astir the new map, conflict pass, and cosmetics added to it earlier this year. Check retired this communicative astir however Valorant Mobile is successful the works aft that. 

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